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High Resolution Monitor Causing Fonts To Look Very Small


But now i can no longer use photoshop because i can not read the small Icons and UI texts. Resizing of the fonts and windows works fine in Photoshop CS6 along with multiple other programs including programs with engines that came out in 1998. It keeps blocking them to half of the width of the window. the next page theres a box to check that says let me choose one scaling level for all my displays, check that...and it gives you 3 options, smaller, medium, and larger. http://splodgy.org/windows-10/high-end-upgrades-are-causing-major-problems.php

No combination of the antialiasing or hinting options in the Appearance control panel makes it look significantly better, but dropping the resolution back down to anything smaller immediately looks fantastic again. I had been so frustrated with my blurry browser and worried I was going to have to downgrade back to 8 to restore the proper resolution. Like 0 2016-01-23T04:53:26+00:00 Chris Cox 20280 Posts 701 Reply Likes Bridge doesn't support UI scaling on Windows yet. u made my day !!!! :) BeaRus Thinkius Another method which could solve it- 1. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/high-resolution-monitor-causing-fonts-to-look-very-small.370300/

Windows 10 High Resolution Scaling

Jim Laptop: Late 2013 MacBook Pro, 16gb Ram, 512gb SSD, 2 x External HDD Desktop: i7-930, 12gb RAM, 2 x SDD, 3 x Internal HDD, Win10 Pro 64bit Cameras: 5D MkIII, Anish Thanks a lot..... But, even though I've tweaked these various settings, there are some applications that I run where the font size, menu bars, etc. Based on the posts in that thread, a) it does not seem this is a minor issue affecting only a small percentage of users, b) it seems this issue has been

I've tried all the other solutions, though not the registry tinkering (and will not do) & nothing has worked. Something in Photoshop CC 2015 is broken. I'd like to be able to use the high resolution setting, if possible. Windows 10 Anniversary Update I do not think, they fixed this...

Obviously whatever your development systems are, you are not living with this issue or you would have addressed it. ...... Like 0 2015-12-02T18:40:15+00:00 Eric Kelp 2 Posts 0 Reply Likes This has been going on for two years. Randomly came across this website and what do you know, it worked!! However, one annoyance of Windows 10 on a high-resolution display - some fonts are blurry or fuzzy.

The ignorance! Nvidia Drivers Go to Preferences >> Interface >> font. Like 0 2015-12-02T04:57:02+00:00 Tim Margeson 18 Posts 2 Reply Likes Because those icons are all bit mapped, and fonts are hard coded. I've spent over a week to get everything working on high dpi displays some time ago, most time working around winforms issues regarding font scaling. (group controls in group controls which

Windows 10 Scaling Fix

This changes fonts under icons, fonts in application menus and fonts in the application top bar and in the start menu.... http://www.askvg.com/fix-bold-blurry-or-hard-to-read-font-problem-in-windows-8-1/ I kept thinking that my color depth was off. Windows 10 High Resolution Scaling Like 0 2016-05-12T20:34:57+00:00 Corin Howell 4 Posts 0 Reply Likes Oh this seems to be happening on my cintiq all the sudden, but not on my actually computer Like 0 2016-05-12T20:42:05+00:00 Disable Display Scaling On High Dpi Settings Windows 10 It is more than just technology, it is the philosophy.

Thanks for the heads up! http://splodgy.org/windows-10/high-ram-usage-and-cpu.php Depending on the program, though, this may be fixable. Popular Latest How-To Add Google Docs In-cell Dropdown and Validation in Spreadsheets January 26, 2017 How to Reset Your Apple iCloud and iTunes Password January 8, 2017 Friday Fun: 30+ Funny No, Photoshop CS6 had no UI scaling at all on Windows. 16:9 Resolutions

Tenzin Thank you! Try it out.Rasmus ChristensenWednesday, 15 January 2014 15:12:48 UTCI can not understand how an intelligent and tech-loving guy like you is still using windows on his machines. Still does it It does it randomly and it does when i swipe the touchpad. http://splodgy.org/windows-10/high-ram-and-cpu-usage.php I had problems describing to Google what the problem was.

Thumbs up on this one!Dag H. Firefox I'll have a look on the link you provided but for the moment I don't think this is the issue. It was particularly bad in Chrome.

The fact that there is another definition in software is simply WRONG.

Select the 120 DPI option for a 25-percent increase, or click the Custom DPI button in the lower-right corner.XP has to look for fonts. When all else fails, you can simply lower the resolution of your screen so that poorly-scaling apps are more usable. the only thing I cant figure out is fitting my desktop background picture to the screen. Is the fan noisy?

WPF works quite fine out of the box, frameworks like QT and gtk+ don't work at all.The scaling should happen on a lower layer in Windows. Like 0 2015-10-14T18:05:10+00:00 Chris Cox 20280 Posts 701 Reply Likes The icons aren't resampled - they exist as separate 100% and 200% versions. Search through over 5000+ Articles! check over here Adobe phone support confirmed the Photoshop CC 2015 UI scaling feature did not solve my font size issue while remote controlling my PC, acknowledged other customers have reported the UI scaling

You could use a DPI calculator (for example, like this (http://members.ping.de/~sven/dpi.html)) to find which is the most appropriate DPI for your monitor. You are awsome bailing people out of problems :) Ben THANK YOU! I don't know what the Adobe development systems environment looks like - but I've seen all sorts of monitors mentioned in posts. However, when I installed LR I found that because the screen resolution is so high (3200 x 1800) the font (including all of the toolbars)is so small I can barely read

Trust me, if this was your day-to-day experience, this would be fixed. See this topic for Elements UI scaling information: http://feedback.photoshop.com/photosh... It produces consistent word/line length, but does contribute slightly to that "blury" effect some people see in OSX fonts. i.e.

That means they play nicely with high DPI screens and, depending on the application you’re trying to use, might offer a better solution than their desktop counterparts.I can’t get VLC to Worked perfectly. If this has been satisfactorily addressed in Lightroom CC, it is not beyond the wit of a coder to fix this. Also if you go long enough the text in the menus in the panel will virtually disappear (can still faintly see them as ghostly grey/white), but will come back visible but

I am one of the many customers for which the UI scaling feature has not solved the problem. works for me ^^ Mike Thanks very much! How is that a "fix"? I would also acknowledge that I have never had to manually edit the operating system registry for any other program for any reason.

The Video is here. Does it run a lot? impy THANK YOU GUYS!! Style Lightroom Forums Default Style Advertising Contact Webmaster Help Home Top Recent Posts RSS Terms and Rules Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2016 XenForo Ltd.

I'm using Chrome but it does the same thing in IE and Mozilla Firefox. Great !