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Help With Xbox Live And Cisco Clean Access

Heartbeat Timer The Heartbeat Timer sets the number of minutes after which a user is logged off the network if unresponsive to ARP queries from the Clean Access Server. An asterisk in the IP/Mask:Port fields means the policy applies for any address/application. Click Update. Table9-2 summarize resources, roles and example traffic policies for system roles Table9-2 Typical Traffic Policies for Roles Resource Role Example Policies (Untrusted -> Trusted) IP-Based Traffic Policies Logo/right-frame content for Login

This section describes the Traffic Control, Bandwidth, and Scheduling policies configured by user role. Note Except for allowing all Layer 2 traffic, only the "IBM Systems Network Architecture (SNA)" protocol is available in Cisco Clean Access. Write down the MAC address of your 360 and take it to your IT department. Microsoft Xbox The following are suggested policies to allow access for Microsoft Xbox ports: •Kerberos-Sec (UDP); Port 88; UDP; Send Receive •DNS Query (UDP); Port 53; Send 3074 over UDP/tcp •Game http://www.instructables.com/id/Xbox-Live-on-Campus-Bypassing-Cisco-Clean-Access-A/

Click Enable. 5. Default Host Policies are initially pulled down to your system, then dynamically updated, through performing a Clean Access Update or Clean Update. Chose either Trusted->Untrusted or Untrusted->Trusted, and click Select. 3.

An asterisk in the IP/Mask:Port fields means the policy applies for any address/application. See More 1 2 3 4 5 Overall Rating: 0 (0 ratings) Log in or register to post comments ActionsThis Discussion 0 Votes Follow Abuse PDF     Trending Topics - The total amount of bandwidth in use may fluctuate as the number of online users in the role increases or decreases, but the bandwidth for each user is the same. 7. Xbox Dashboard -> Meine Xbox -> Systemeinstellungen -> Netzwerkeinstellungen -> Netzwerk konfigurieren Okay, zwei Tabs: BASIC und ZUSÄTZLICHE Einstellung ........

Allow SNA IBM Systems Network Architecture 2. Choose Temporary Role from the role dropdown and leave Untrusted->Trusted for the direction and click Select. You can also specify bandwidth constraints for each user within a role or for the entire role. Deny Telnet Result: All traffic is allowed, and the second policy blocking Telnet traffic is ignored.

When a machine no longer has a fully resolved entry in the CAS's ARP cache and when it does not respond to ARPing for the length of the Heartbeat Timer setting, chat programs, Windows update, AV software, ads on web pages, etc.) •L3 deployments where the router/VPN concentrator performs proxy ARP for IP addresses on the network: In this scenario, if a Cisco NAC Appliance offers three types of traffic policies: IP-based policies—IP-based policies are fine-grained and flexible and can stop traffic in any number of ways. You will need to create normal login user roles first before you can configure traffic policies for them (see Chapter7, "User Management: Configuring User Roles and Local Users.") This section describes

If a user does not send any packets for a while, the user would have at most 200Kb tokens in his bucket, and once the user needs to send packets, the http://forums.afterdawn.com/threads/accessing-xbox-live-on-cisco-clean-access.580970/ Session Timer The Session Timer is an absolute timer that is specific to the user role. Host-based policies are intended to facilitate traffic policy configuration primarily for Agent Temporary and Quarantine roles and should be used for cases where the IP address for a host is continuously By default, when you create a new user role: •All traffic from the untrusted network to the trusted network is blocked. •All traffic from the trusted network to the untrusted network

Go to User Management > User Roles > Traffic Control and click the Host link. 1. Was this Document Helpful? Figure9-14 Session Timer—Temporary Role 5. Note The traffic direction you select for viewing the list of policies (Untrusted -> Trusted or Trusted -> Untrusted) sets the source and destination when you open the Add Policy form:

To configure Host policies, click the Host link for the Quarantine role at the top of the Traffic Control tab. According o some forums, Cisco has the Xbox MAC address already blocked since all Xboxes have similar ID's. Type the hostname in the Allowed Host field (e.g. "allowedhost.com"). 4. Note The connection check is performed by ARP message; if a traffic control policy blocks ICMP traffic to the client, heartbeat checking still works.

Select Enable Bandwidth Management and click Update. To view the IP addresses for DNS hosts accessed by clients in a specific role, click the View Current IP addresses link next to the desired role. 4. To configure policies for traffic traveling in the opposite direction, choose Trusted->Untrusted from the source-to-destination direction field and click Select.

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Dieses Bild unten zeigt nur einen Bruchteil der Netze, keine Sorge. All rights reserved. See Enable Default Allowed Hosts for details. Laptops Tablets Mobile Devices Further instructions for eduroam can be found here.

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Both session timeout and traffic policies need to be configured for the Temporary role. Xbox Live and Cisco IOS Unanswered Question ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedInE-Mail kgreenway Feb 22nd, 2009 Hi All,I am in the process of rolling out Cisco 870 series routers to Home Workers.One user with an Go to User Management > User Roles > Traffic Control > IP. 2. An administrator can drop users from the network individually or terminate sessions for all users at once.

To configure an IP policy, click the Add Policy link next to the Temporary role. The connection check is performed via ARP query rather than by pinging. Figure9-2 List of IP-Based Policies 2. Otherwise, if the router does not respond to the CAS, because the device is no longer on the network, the CAM/CAS will log out the user. •L3 deployments where the router/VPN

You can view IP, Host-based, or Layer 2 Ethernet traffic policies for "All Roles" or a specific role by choosing from the role dropdown menu and clicking the Select button (Figure9-1). Example 3: 1. Bookmark Instructables.com Xbox Live on Campus Bypassing Cisco Clean Access AgentBasically some universities have this godawfulprogram called Cisco Clean Ac...