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Help! My computer has been taken over!

Help! My computer is possessed

Help! My comp has been overtaken! =(

HELP! My Computer Has Gone Crazy!

Help! My IE6.0 has Grown a Toolbar

HELP! my computer is slow.can someone take a look at my hijack log

HELP! My Internet Explorer has seen better days.

Help! My zune and my windows one care won't open!

HELP! my computer got one "NERKEY" exe cannot be deleted

HELP! my vista is goina give me a stroke!

Help! My Computer is Trying to Kill Me!

Help! My dumb brother.

HELP! My computer is driving me nuts.

help! my computer's jacked up

Help! My computer is dying.Again!

HELP! MY Daughter's Laptop has "XP Smart Security"

HELP! My pc is driving me nuts!

HELP! My Network Problem is Back to Haunt ME!

Help! My Avast Is Going Nuts!

Help! My Roommate's Spying on me

help! my computers getting eaten up inside

HELP! My IE has been hijacked by www.errorplace.com

Help! My computer is going CRAZY!

Help! My LimeWire will not exit completely.

HELP! My computer is messed up

Help! my system has crashed five times since 0900 hrs this morning

Help! MY computer is messed up(Hijackthis log included)

Help! my pc is.dead?


HELP! My 3DMark03 score is sickening.

Help! My browser is hijacked to www.syssecuritysite.net

HELP! My P4 turned into a Celeron!

Help! My email account is going crazy!

Help! My colors are al weird and the picture's rotated 90 degrees!

HELP! My computer has a STD or some infection

Help! My fiancee's laptop is refusing entry

Help! My files keep deleting themselves :(

Help! my Asus 8400gs doesn't display anymore

Help! My DSL is acting wierd.

Help! My favorites have been attacked.

help! my computer is totally screwed up.

Help! My CDRW/DVD sucks! (Not working)

Help! My computer has been extremely slow. [Hijack log included]

Help. My CD-RW isn't regestering on my computer. Home XP version

Help. My laptop is nearly unusable!

Help: My laptop won't boot up.

Help!: my laptop is acting up. (long rant

Help: My Desktop Icon Graphic Is Gone

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