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This doesn't hold for HTML formulae, which can easily end up being rendered wrongly or differently from the editor's intentions on a different browser. In the case of a non-white page background, the white background of the formula effectively highlights it, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage. User ProfileView All Posts by UserView Thanks Users browsing this topic Guest (Hidden) Discussions » Product and Service Development » Formula Assistance » help formula Forum Jump Discussions Innovative Market time - match time.

Working... The HTML code, if entered diligently, will contain all semantic information to transform the equation back to Template:TeX or any other code as needed. Apart from function and operator names, as is customary in mathematics, variables and letters are in italics; digits are not. Template:TeX has been specifically designed for typesetting formulae, so input is easier and more natural if you are accustomed to it, and output is more aesthetically pleasing if you focus on

MediaWiki templates, variables and parameters cannot be used within math tags, see m:Template talk:Demo of attempt to use parameters within TeX. Pages using HTML code for formulae will load faster and they will create less clutter on your hard disk. Forced PNG rendering To force the formula to render as PNG, add \, (small space) at the end of the formula (where it is not rendered).

Vertical alignment with the surrounding text can also be a problem (see bug 32694); a work-around is described in the "Alignment with normal text flow" section below. is to keep the formula rendered as PNG instead of HTML. If you need in text to display the ^ symbol you have to use \textasciicircum. Therefore, where possible, all the benefits of HTML can be retained, together with the benefits of TeX.

When writing in TeX, editors need not worry about whether this or that version of this or that browser supports this or that HTML entity. While Template:TeX does not assist you in finding HTML codes or Unicode values (which you can obtain by viewing the HTML source in your browser), copying and pasting from a Template:TeX games only set formula f2 > -100 # long games, decent competition set formula f1 & !f4 -or- set formula f2 >= 0 | blitz You define an f-variable using the https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Help:Formula Computer accounts without 'f1' set to "suicide" will have challenges for suicide chess declined automatically.

You might want to include a comment in the HTML so people don't "correct" the formula by removing it: